Suicide is Preventable

Suicide is preventable for all populations. Providers need support managing suicide prevention and we can help.

Passionate About Suicide Prevention

My passion is working with providers, departments, teams, clinics, and systems that need help.

Moment by Moment Suicide Prevention

At Moment by Moment Suicide Prevention, Dr. Rickard’s commitment is to foster communities with zero suicide through suicide prevention training and education.

Suicide Prevention Coalition

Since forming the Suicide Prevention Coalition of North Central Washington Dr. Julie Rickard helps other communities establish coalitions to address the presence of suicide.

Suicide Prevention Management

Through a model of community-based suicide prevention we help guide the work to address suicide as it presents in various populations. We support you and your team in determining systems of care for communities. 

Community-Based Suicide Prevention

The work is to look at major systems that are lacking structure and help to guide the work that needs to be done.