An expert in Suicide Prevention & Healthcare Consulting

Dr. Julie Rickard is passionate about helping providers to excel in their practice both personally and professionally.

Dr. Julie Rickard

Dr. Julie Rickard earned a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University (2006) and is a licensed psychologist in Washington State.

Dr. Rickard’s interest has always been in integrating mental health in medical settings. She has extensive experience implementing and training in the Integrated Behavioral Health Primary Care model. Her experience spans varied medical settings supporting diverse providers address rocks in their shoes while meeting teams where they’re at to address needed changes.

As a national expert in Suicide Prevention, Dr. Rickard consults on Suicide Prevention Management and provides training and presentations on various wellness and suicide prevention topics. Dr. Rickard also serves as a therapist for providers who show signs of the presence of suicide.

More information for Press & Media can be found here at Moment by Moment Suicide Prevention.

Dr. Julie Rickard

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Julie Rickard, PHD Consulting

We Support the Growth of Mental Health and Medical Providers

Dr. Rickard helps providers manage patients with mental health or substance use issues comfortably and master the most difficult patients with confidence. As physicians and providers shift goals and career paths, she supports the pivot into a leadership role or a completely new line of business.

Nationally Recognized

As an expert in Suicide Prevention, Dr. Julie Rickard has been featured at NPR, PBS News Hour, and various local and regional media.

“Dr. Julie Rickard is enormously talented and routinely sought after to navigate and solve complex problems in healthcare. I’ve worked with Dr. Rickard for a number of years on initiatives leading to significant change in care delivery in healthcare settings. When she says she’ll make something happen, she delivers. She is also an expert psychologist and her knowledge of suicide and best care for those who are at risk makes her a national expert.”

Dr. Ursula Whiteside, PHD, CEO

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