Private Practice

Dr. Rickard sees select patients from youth to seniors that struggle with any mental health or personal issue. She specializes in suicidality, OCD, end of life, gender-based, health-based, and geriatric issues.

Suicidality & Suicide Attempts

Dr. Rickard specializes in treating people who have attempted suicide in order to keep them from re-attempting in the future. She is highly skilled and easy to talk to.  She works with parents and families who might be struggling with a youth in the home dealing with suicidality. Parents don’t have to feel left out of the process.  She will do a risk assessment and ensure that you are trained as parents/guardians in what to do and how best to manage.


Depression accompanies thoughts of suicide in approximately 93% of cases. Depression is the leading cause for unemployment and disability in the United States.  Depression can feel very scary and make the person feel trapped. Fortunately, depression is very treatable and responds well when someone invests in treatment. Dr. Rickard is adept at treating youth, adults and seniors struggling with depression.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dr. Rickard has worked with kids and adults who struggle with OCD for years. During the pandemic she has moved to providing services via telehealth, which has improved the rate of success in treatment due to being right where the issues are happening. Dr. Rickard can have the patients walk her to the areas the most struggle with and set up a treatment plan on how best to address it. She is one of a handful of people that are certified in doing Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) treatment. OCD can take hours away from the lives of people and it is very treatable with the right treatment. Covid has caused people that felt they were managing their OCD well to feel uncontrolled. It is normal and treatable.

Health Concerns

As a health psychologist, Dr. Rickard has worked in hospitals and clinics assisting primary care providers, surgeons, neurologists, and specialists in managing patients that are struggling with their health-related conditions. These can include new diagnoses such as cancer, dementia, stroke to working on diabetes, weight issues, irritable bowel syndrome, AIDS/HIV, end of life planning, chronic conditions, pain, etc. She is adept at determining how mental health is worsening your condition and coming up with solutions to help.

Anxiety, Panic, Social Anxiety

Anxiety is quite prevalent during a pandemic. Rates are rising and it is important to address the anxiety regardless of cause before it incapacitates you. The earlier you address it the better. However, if you are struggling to function it is still treatable. Dr. Rickard will set up a treatment plan that will step you through the process of working through the anxiety with minimal effort.

Dr. Julie Rickard, Healthcare Leadership Development

Dr. Julie Rickard

Dr. Rickard offers services within Washington State via Telehealth or onsite. She is a licensed clinical psychologist in the State of Washington.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services have been found to be just as effective as in-person appointments.  I personally have learned more about patients that I am seeing via telehealth as I get to see them in their natural environment, I get to meet their pets, at times their children, and I get to see where they live. Previously, patients would cancel their appointments as they struggled to leave the house due to depression. Telehealth appointments allow the person to stay where they are and receive the support they need.

Insurance Accepted

Dr. Rickard is credentialed with a variety of private insurance companies.  Please check with your insurance company. You may also call to discuss specific details. The following is not a comprehensive list of accepted insurance: Regence, BlueCross BlueShield, Medicare, LifeWise, Asuris, Health Alliance.

Medicare accepted

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